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flavors like a 3600

    Date: Wed, 15 Feb 84 08:47:28 pst
    From: John Foderaro (on an h19-u) <jkf%ucbmike at Berkeley>
    To:   franz-friends at Berkeley, ucsfcgl!bash at Berkeley
    Re:   flavors like a 3600

    Richard Zippel, an MIT prof working for Symbolics at the time rewrote
    flavors.l from scratch using fclosures and passed it on to us.

Just to clarify this a bit, I didn't rewrite it from scratch, I took the
Lisp machine's flavor code and forced it to run within Franz.  This was not
trivial and in doing it I lobotomized the code slightly by making it use
fclosures.  (Flavors used to use closures but this replaced by mapping table
magic after a while to speed things up.  I just took a step backwards.)  To
use my flavor code in a performance critical situation, I would put the
mapping table stuff back in, but that would take a few weeks of work, it is
quite hairy.