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>Could you make this standalone Thomas interpreter also available for ftp? 
>It may save a lot of people some time, and also reduce communications

I'm not sure its a good idea.  The sources to Thomas are not very
stable at this point and I don't want to rebuild the system for every
small change.  Also, the point of DEC's implementation is not only to
play with the language but also its guts.

I don't mind installing a standalone version of Thomas on our FTP
server.  However, I don't want to be in charge of actually building
the system (I am not using Thomas very much at the present time
anyway).  There are also problems with the current error system that
drops into Scheme when there is an error (its not exactly user
friendly).  I think it would be best if the people at DEC or Apple
were in charge of the standalone Thomas interpreter.

Marc Feeley