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Re: Lisp (Dylan?) for Scientific Computing


>I hope nothing in the Dylan manual or in messages from Apple gave
>you the impression that the Dylan language in general and our
>implementations in particular are going to neglect the issue of
>floating point efficiency.  That most certainly is not the case.
No. Nothing in the manual, though I was looking for declarations and
found none. (Did I overlook them?)

My comments are mostly triggered by the on-going discussion on
FP-efficiency on info-dylan. Also, as you may be aware I ran
benchmarks comparing Fortran and Lisp FP-efficiency, and, though I
received a number of helpful and interesting comments, so far no-one
has come up with a version of my code that is comparable to Fortran 
w.r. to efficiency. 

I am looking forward to run my benchmarks in Dylan asap.