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Re: MIT and Dylan

    Date: Sat, 17 Oct 92 18:02:28 EDT
    From: rwk@quark.sbi.com (Richard W. Kreutzer Consultant)
    Someone posted that they heard that MIT was is some way involved with the
    design and/or an implementation of Dylan.  Is this true?

Gack!  Another RWK!  Well, we RWK's should stick to gether, so
here's a cut at answering your question.

There are lots of ways that MIT is tied in.  A few of them:

1)  Many of Dylan's designers went to MIT.
2)  The first publicly-available implementation done to the Dylan
    book, is called "Thomas", and is written in MIT-Scheme.  (This
    was done by people here at DEC-CRL; some of the people who
    implemented it used to be at MIT).
3)  Various people at MIT participate in the design discussions.

There are probably other ties as well.