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declaration symmetry

The `for' and `for-each' iteration macros should permit the
declaration of the types of the iteration variables.  The `for' syntax
could be:

	for (({var-1 | (var-1 type-1)} init-1 step-1)
    	     ({var-2 | (var-2 type-2)} init-2 step-2) ...)
	    (end-test result-1 result-2 ...)
	    body-form1 body-form-2 ...

and similarly `for-each''s syntax could be:

	for-each (({var-1 | (var-1 type-1)} collection-1)
    	          ({var-2 | (var-2 type-2)} collection-2) ...)
	         (end-test result-1 result-2 ...)
	         body-form1 body-form-2 ...

-- jonathan bachrach

31, rue Saint-Merri
F75004 Paris, France