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The manual doesn't say whether the iteration variables in FOR, FOR-EACH, 
and DOTIMES are bound when the result-forms are evaluated.  It should 
should say that they're bound (and if so, to what), or that they're 
not bound (i.e., they revert to previous bindings, if any); I think 
it will be awkward for programmers if you say that the variables 
may or may not be bound, depending on the implementation. 

Personally, I'd vote that the variables be bound to the values they 
had when the end-test "became" true, but that may present type-problems 
if we adopt Jonathan Bachrach's suggestion ("declaration symmetry", 
which I support.

Minor, predictable peeve: if there aren't any result-forms, the iteration 
constructs should return no values rather than #f.