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setter again

   Date: Thu, 05 Nov 92 09:20:49 PST
   From: thant@void.esd.sgi.com


   Experiments in Thomas seem to show that a parameter list with a 
   different number of arguments is considered illegal, although
   I can't find anyplace in the Dylan manual that this is explicitly
   stated.  For example:

How about the top of page 47:  "All methods in and the
define-generic-function of a given generic function must have
congruent parameter lists.  Two parameter lists are congruent if they
have the same number of require parameters,..."

If you really what this dubious behavior, try:

(define-method item ((o <bar>) #rest new-value)	; no pukes
  (if new-value
      (set! (item-slot o) new-value))
  (item-slot o))

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