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lambda-list congruence (Re: setter again)

I am Gomi.

I don't like a lambda-list congruence in parameter-list of method.
(CLOS, too)

I want to use a different number of arguments in method. Their 
methods have different classes or same classes.

Then if no ambiguousness, Dylan performs different number of arguments
in method definition. (--> I am glad and use Dylan.)

(define-method foo ((x <number>) (y <number>)) (+ x y))
(define-method foo ((x <number>)) (+ 1 x))
;;; O.K.

(define-method foo ((x <number>) (y <number>)) (+ x y))
(define-method foo ((x <number>) #rest r) ...)
;;; N.G.

# But the costs of implementation and running are big .... uuun.

                                     From Go. (Nagoya.Japan)