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Question (difference between [Function] and [Method])

Dylan book anonotates one of some categories for each function symbol
description. E.g. [Function], [Method], [Generic Function], [G.F. Method]...

I hope those categories will be introduced in p.16 (Manual Notation),
or in p.19 (Language Overview),

In fact, it is still not clear for me the distinction between [Function]
and [Method]. My understanding is:

  [Generic Function] The specified generic function is bound to that symbol

  [G.F. Method]      A generic function according to the specified method
		     is bound to that symbol

  [Method]           The specified method, so-called lambda closure of which
                     parameters' types are specialized, is bound to that symbol
	             (Method dispatch won't be occured, when the symbol is

  [Function]         (How different from [Method] ? How is it defined ?)

Please teach me the difference, though it may be an elementary question.

Nobuhiko FUNATO
SHARP Corporation
2613-1 Ichinomoto, Tenri, Nara 632, JAPAN


I vote yes for:

(1) optional thread package i/f standard/recommendation
(2) foreign language i/f standard/recommendation, first of all for C

Although aboves are related to implementation issues, they are the
first step to construct flexible distributed application framework on
Dylan. And it is expected for small computers. (exceeding requirement ?)