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Capacity Alert.

I had ONE, poorly explained, complaint that the 146k postscript file I
mailed is TOO BIG for some.  I quess I have a 90's impression of big
and anything under 150k isn't it.  If this caused some of you grief
I'm sincerely sorry.

If someone, who understands where these problems arise (or has them),
would like to explain this to me I would be interested to hear it.  I
am by no means a Internet expert and this seems like an issue I should
have a feel for.  So what is NOT too big.  100k? 50k? 5k?

In the years I have used Internet I have never heard or had this
complaint.  Granted, I have always used it in places with plenty of
resources.  What are the guidelines for Internet use? Are there any?

-- Rob.