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Re: Capacity Alert.

>You've probably got a bunch of replies already (if not, you will soon). Some
>mailers, either older ones or on systems that are old or (shudder) that
>gateway to networks like FIDOnet or other such systems (America Online,
>CompuServe, probably AppleLink) choke on messages after a certain size
>limit. Usually, that limit is around 32k. Most systems today do not have
>any such problem and unless someone complains it is hard to tell which
>systems will (unless you already know). The easiest way to split up a
>file is to use the split (UNIX) command. When I've had to do this I tend to
>make my splits at around 30k chunks to play it safe.

Thanks Ken,

You were the first.  Ok 32k.  Does everyone agree with that?
If I don't hear from anyone else I'll assume that is ok.  Sorry for
taking time on this mailing list to bring this up.

-- Rob