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>One of the main reasons many of us have been interested in Dylan, as opposed
>to some other Lisp dialect, is because of the major committed to Dylan 
>implied by its choice for the Newton range of products.

I don't want to get into a discussion of Newton in this forum, except to
say that it would probably go nowhere if you could only program it in

>Now I'm left
>wondering just how strong Apple's commitment to Dylan really is.  Will
>it be another non-start, like Apple's version of Smalltalk?
I wonder about this too.  As a C/C++ programmer just looking into Dylan for
kicks, I am finding that it's not nearly as bad (forgive me) as I thought
it would be.  I am looking forward to seeing an implementation of Dylan
with reasonable performance, but fear that it may not ever arrive.

>Tom Gordon

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