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Recruiting assistance requested

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>From tesler@newton.apple.com Fri Sep 18 09:11:41 1992
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 92 07:59:56 PDT
To: OODL.SIG$@applelink.apple.com, OODL-SIG-IN@cambridge.apple.com
From: tesler@newton.apple.com
Subject: Recruiting assistance requested
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If you know of an experienced software engineer with object-oriented and
dynamic programming language experience who might be interested in a job
where she or he could program in Dylan, in a diverse group of people
developing innovative product software, please encourage her or him to send
a resume to me at the post office or email address below (NOT TO THE

The work location is Apple's exquisite new R&D Center in Cupertino,
California, near San Jose, where almost every engineer will have a fully
enclosed private office.  The work is related to the Newton project, so the
candidate should be someone more interested in mass market handheld
products than in large workstations that have memory and wattage to burn.

I cannot say in public how the work is related to the Newton project. 
However, I will take this opportunity to deny the rumor that the Newton
software that Apple demonstrated at CES in May was written in Dylan.

I appreciate your mentioning this opportunity to acquaintances.

Larry Tesler

Larry Tesler, V.P. Newton Group, Apple Computer, Inc.
USMail: 20525 Mariani Ave., MS: 50T, Cupertino, CA, 95014
Internet: tesler@newton.apple.com
Phone: (408) 974-2219, Fax: (408) 974-1794

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