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multiple-values alternative with better destructuring

> Date: Mon, 04 Jan 93 13:37:29 EST
> From: john@linus.mitre.org

> They all do.  All CommonLisp forms, and all Dylan forms, return
> multiple values.  For most of them, N=1, for some N=0 or N>1.

> John Burger
> john@mitre.org

Unless dpans changed it...

All commonlisp forms do not; prog1 returns 1 value, you have to use
multiple-value-prog1 to get >1 value; prog2 does not, setq,etc. See page
184-187 in cltl/2 - there are several other special cases where multiple
values are NOT preserved.

If dpans did change any of this, I'd be grateful for a reply. All I
found on cursory examination is the prog1/multiple-value-prog1
distinction does still exist, so "all commonlisp forms" clearly do NOT
return multiple values.