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Re: multiple values

Rob Farrow (farrow@stephanie.hc.ti.com) writes:

  It appears that DYLAN, correct me if I'm wrong, does not return
  multiple values from all the primitive forms (Common Lisp makes this
  mistake too).

I said:

  I'm having trouble figuring out what this means.  ... All CommonLisp
  forms, and all Dylan forms, return multiple values.  For most of
  them, N=1, for some N=0 or N>1.

miller@cs.rochester.edu (among others) replies:

  Unless dpans changed it... All commonlisp forms do not;
  prog1 returns 1 value.

Oh, that's what he meant.  I guess everyone else figured that out.  By
"return" I thought he meant return, and by "form" I though he meant
form.  :-) Yes, PROG1 is a CL operator for which N is always 1.

The dpANS did not change this.

John Burger