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Re2: MCL support for MOP

> Brent Benson   writes...
> I'm not convinced that it is hard to tree shake code that does not
> contain calls to eval.  I would appreciate it if someone could tell me

Any quoted symbol in the source may have symbol-function applied
sooner or latter.  One simple solution to this is to consider all
quoted symbols as tree roots.  While simple it can be surprising how
many things get quoted to make development more pleasant:
  (defmacro def... (name ...)
    `( ...

More generally any interning can create symbols that can then have
symbol-function applied to them.  I.e. parsing user input can lead to
difficulties knowning what the domain over which intern can operate.
This is can be handled by disallowing intern, and find-symbol.  The
application writer must then implement his own find-symbol/intern if
he desires this functionality.

 - ben