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New system release

System 71 is now officially released.  It comes with microcode 767.

The major change for this system is the addition of logical pathnames,
which allow the file computer used when accessing a file to be
determined at OPEN time.  This change should be for the most part
invisible to the user, but if you run across a pathname with host SYS:,
that's what it is.  The curious are referred to LMMAN; PATHNM for more
details (s.v. Logical Pathnames).

The system system and the patch system have been integrated.  To make
your system patchable, you now need only include (:PATCHABLE) in the
DEFSYSTEM options.  The major version for a patchable system is now
incremented when you recompile that system via MAKE-SYSTEM, not when you
load it for the first time.  To compile but not increment the major
version, give the :NO-INCREMENT-PATCH keyword (in addition to :COMPILE).
To just increment the version, give :INCREMENT-PATCH.  The function
SI:ADD-PATCHABLE-SYSTEM is now gone and should be removed from system
initializations.  What it used to do will now be done automatically by
MAKE-SYSTEM on a patchable system.

The processing of component system in a DEFSYSTEM can now be made to
depend on other transformations.  This is useful for having a set of
macro files for all the components.  To do this, use the
:DO-COMPONENTS transformation, which takes one argument of the
dependencies.  Look at LISPM; SYSDCL for an example.

TV:WINDOW-CREATE has been renamed to TV:MAKE-WINDOW for consistency with
other functions.  The old name will continue to work indefinitely.