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New system release

System 70.4, with microcode 766 and Zmail 28.7, is now ready for public
release and distribution.  It can be found on CADR-6 and a few others.
The following changes deserve mention:

This system requires microcode 766.  Trying to run it in an older microcode
will cause it to die totally.  The newer microcode is compatible with
previous major versions of the system, so it is safe to leave it installed.

The mouse should now be very much easier to use, because heavy paging
will no longer interfere with tracking of the mouse position and
recognition of clicks.  Anyone encountering a problem or finding that
their program no longer works, please contact Moon.  (I don't expect any
problems, but substantial changes have been made.)  (This facility
was added in patch 70.4).

The default host for the LOGIN function is now the machine "associated"
with a particular lisp machine.  These associations are kept in the same
file as the physical locations (LMIO; LMLOCS >).

New initialization lists, LOGIN and LOGOUT, which are run at login and
logout time, guaranteed to be run alternately.  They currently only
contain FS:FILE-LOGIN and the like.   -- DLA

PRESS:PRINT-FILE and friends now take keyword arguments.

There is a new special form, CHECK-ARG-TYPE.  It is a variant of
CHECK-ARG: instead of taking a predicate form, it takes any value which
can be passed as the second argument to TYPEP.  It is documented in the
Lisp Machine Manual source; see AI: LMMAN; ERRORS > for details.

:COMPLETE-STRING, and :CHANGE-PROPERTIES on pathnames now take slightly
different arguments.  If this affects you, you really should be using
the functional interface and not sending messages to the pathnames