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system 69 released.

Since everyone seems to be using system 69 already anyway without
significant problems, it is now officially released.  Here are the
relevant change notes.

The system comes with microcode 757.  The %DRAW-xxx microcode functions
may now be used on arrays as well as sheets.  It also fixes some bugs in
the metering facilities.

SXHASH now ignores alphabetic case in strings, since EQUAL does.

There are new array types: ART-HALF-FIX, containing signed 16-bit
integers, ART-FPS-FLOAT, containing pdp-11/VAX/FPS floating-point
numbers, and ART-FAT-STRING, containing 16-bit characters.  STRINGP is
true for ART-FAT-STRING arrays as well as ART-STRING arrays.  An
ART-FAT-STRING is printed just like a string, the extra 8 bits being
ignored for that purpose.

MAKE-PLANE has been changed incompatibly to make its arguments
compatible with MAKE-ARRAY.  It now takes RANK as its first argument,
required, and after that it takes keyword arguments.  The keywords are

There's a new global function IGNORE, defined as

All of the time printing functions will accept NIL as a value for the
stream argument, meaning that the printed representation of the time
should be returned as a string rather than printed to any stream.
Actually, this has been true all along; but now it is official and we
promise it will continue to work.

TELNET now tries to negotiate for remote echoing.  This should improve
behavior when Telnetting from a Lisp Machine to a TOPS-10.  Please
report any new problems.

There is a new microcode function %AOS-TRIANGLE.  Consult someone if you
somehow imagine you want to use it.

Files compiled in system 69 may not load into older worlds because of
FS:MAKE-FASLOAD-PATHNAME not being defined.  If this screws you, it is
safe to M-C 'FS:MAKE-PATHNAME-INTERNAL for this function.