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Editor compatibility questions

What is your opinion of making the standard ZWEI command set more
compatible with EMACS?  Specifically, what do you think of these
proposed changes:

1) Make Altmode, C-C and C-^ always defined as bit prefixes.

2) Making the names of M-X commands and option variables in ZWEI the
same as those in EMACS whenever possible.

3) Allow arguments to M-X commands to be delimited with Altmodes, in
which case they would be read in the same minibuffer as the command
This would not only be compatible, it would give faster response.
The existing mode of operation with a separate minibuffer for each
argument would still exist.

4) Displaying some sort of position-in-file information,
and the file version number, in the mode line.

I will put all answers in LMDOC;ZWEI ANSWER.