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  In the next system (or when ZWEI;COMC and LISPM2;QCFILE are reloaded)
it will no longer be the default that the ZWEI commands COMPILE-BUFFER, 
COMPILE-DEFUN, and COMPILE-REGION  (and the corresponding EVALUATE- commands)
read in the entire thing first, then process it.  Instead, the normal
mode is to alternately read an s-expression and process that s-expression.
This may result in a larger working set and thus more paging, but will
assure correct operation (particularily in case of read-macros, or
macros defined in the file and called in top level evals).
  The former batched mode can be gotten by giving these commands a numeric argument.
  Giving the COMPILE-xxx commands an argument formerly caused 
microcompiling;  now there are separate MICROCOMPILE-BUFFER, MICROCOMPILE-DEFUN
  QC-FILE also will use the alternate mode by default.  It has an extra
optional arg to allow specification of the batched mode.  Probably
this should be hooked up to the SYSTEM system somehow.
 (Note-to-system-hackers: the functions in this part of the world need to
be rewritten to use some form of keyword arguments.)