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Please tell me where to find your NWS application program.

I am working on documentation of the New Window System.  In order to
help me figure out which features of the system are widely used and help
me see what ought to be documented, I would greatly appreciate if any of
you who have written interesting applications would tell me the filename
of the files that contain the code you have written.  If you're not sure
whether it is interesting, tell me anyway.  I am particularly interested
in systems that use frames.  I'd like to see which features are used
heavily and which are not, and how people's programs make use of the
existing facilities.

Please take a second to mail me a filename or two.  No hacker will call
(I won't take up your time with questions).  Your help can improve
the quality and usefulness of the documentation that will benefit
future generations.  Thank you very much.