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System 55 released

System 55 with microcode 715 is now released to users.  It is installed
on several machines already and should be making its way to the rest
soon.  Please note that this system will not run with microcode versions
older than 715.

Highlights in addition to the usual large number of bug fixes and
additions are:

There are some new more sophisticated metering facilities with microcode
support.  More on this as it develops.  Talk to BEE if you are
interested in their current rough state.

Functions like PKG-LOAD and LOAD-FILE-LIST have been obsoleted by a new
"System" facility, documentation on which will be forthcoming shortly.
and COMPILE-FILE-ALIST-ALIST-MAP no longer exist.  More or less
compatible functions PKG-LOAD, LOAD-FILE-LIST, LOAD-FILE-ALIST, and
COMPILE-FILE-ALIST will act as interim interfaces to the new system
system.  Please report any problems with them.