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Software maintenance at M.I.T.

Starting now, Symbolics, Inc. will independently maintain Lisp Machine
system software on its own facilities.  In the past, Symbolics personnel
have been making their changes to the copies of the system sources on
the MIT-AI machine.  From now on, changes will be made on the Symbolics
file computer, and new releases, source updates, and patches will be
furnished to M.I.T. as they become available.  These new releases will
be provided to all of the users of Lisp Machines throughout M.I.T., who
may install them as they see fit.

Due to unanticipated difficulties in establishing our high-speed
microwave link to M.I.T., Symbolics currently has no high-bandwidth
communication path; we plan to install a medium-speed phone line
connection and to continue to attempt to install the microwave link, in
order to allow closer cooperation with M.I.T.  Symbolics personnel will
continue to monitor M.I.T. bug reports and fix problems reported by
M.I.T. users; the medium-speed link will pass mail in both directions to
allow us to provide this service.  Since this software work will occur
at Symbolics rather than at M.I.T., it may take longer to fix bugs than
it used to; we hope to minimize the inconvenience to all involved.