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DEFSELECT has been changed to accept the property list type of function specification.
The form for this is:
(defselect foo => define a selector and put into function cell of foo
(defselect (foo barny
Washington-area tip.  This seems to cause several bad effects:

	- It's an inconvenience for legitmate users who would like to use those
	tips. They must now come though another host.

	- Requiring people to net-hop adds to the loads on other machines.  In
	the case of DM at night, this means net ports, which, as you may know,
	run out frequently.  This usually has the effect of excluding a

	- It is unfair to the reasonable tourists in the Washington area.

	- It just sheds the obnoxious tourists to other ITS.  As long as you
	are doing this it's difficult to claim that you have a more liberal
	tourist policy.