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new keyboard on cadr 1

there is a new keyboard for cadr1. right now it is sitting next
to the cadr1 console instead of attached to it; xconos claimed
that it failed in "the usual way" by not sending characters, so
he took it off the console and reattached the old keyboard that
was sitting nearby. (laurel please look into this).

in the meantime: cadr1 had a new keyboard a few weeks ago, but
it disappeared. the one there now is a replacement. it belongs 
to cadr1. cadr1 must have a new keyboard for it to run the IC 
design programs, and it must run these programs because they can 
only be run on a cadr with a color monitor, and there are only 
two such cadrs (the other being cadr2). THEREFORE, persons 
removing this new keyboard to other places than 907 (except 
those who are performing necessary repairs) will be subject to 
surgical experimentation without anesthesia.