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Re: Flame level

As a relatively detached observer, I am mildly distressed at two recent exchanges
of messages on INFO-LISPM.  They both had the following form:
	- Party A makes a statement that is restrained in tone, but indicates that
he has strong feelings about some situation.
	- Party B comments on Party A's statement at a much higher decibel
level, without adding any useful information to the discussion.

C'mon, folks.  When you feel like acting like Party A, stop and consider whether
what you're putting out is useful, helpful, likely to encourage people to consider
the situation in a balanced way, etc.  When you feel like acting like Party B, do
the same.  If you think Party A is out of line, maybe you should speak to him
privately.  If that doesn't help, just bear with it.  We're all assholes now and
then; I don't think raising the decibel level helps matters.