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4th level indirection -- maybe you haven't yet seen this?

 Date: 3 Nov. 1982 1:49 pm PST (Wednesday)
 From: Treichel.PA
 Subject: Lisp Song
 To: CIS^
 Reply-To: Treichel
 Have you seen this?
 Date: 3 Nov. 1982 4:23 pm EST (Wednesday)
 From: Gafter.Henr
 Subject: LISP song
 To: AllWhimsy^.pa, Language^, Gottwald, KAnderson
 cc: Gafter
 This was in the uucp bboard net.jokes recently.
 From decvax!utzoo!utcsrgv!roderick Mon Nov  1 14:24:35 1982
 Another Glitch in the Call
 ------- ------ -- --- ----
    (Sung to the tune of a recent Pink Floyd song.)
 We don't need no indirection
 We don't need no flow control
 No data typing or declarations
    Hey! Did you leave the lists alone?
    All in all, it's just a pure-LISP function call.
 We don't need no side effect-ing
 We don't need no scope control
 No global variables for execution
    Hey! Did you leave those args alone?
 We don't need no allocation
 We don't need no special nodes
 No dark bit-flipping in the functions
    Hey! Did you leave the bits alone?
 We don't need no compilation
 We don't need no load control
 No link edit for external bindings
    Hey! Did you leave that source alone?
 (Chorus, and repeat)