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Experimental Local-File version 41 is now available.  Bugs to BUG-LMFS.

In addition to fixing the problem of subdirectories not being correctly
saved, some changes were made:

* Undeletable files are now supported.  Deleted files don't go away
  unless explicitly expunged.  This means that booting the file system
  or the machine also doesn't expunge anything.  There is no current
  "system expunge" function implemented.

* The root directory is now a real directory.  It can be specified by
  either LM:; or LM:<>.  For compatibility reasons, it cannot contain
  arbitrary files, only other directories.

* A new function, FS:DBG-EDIT, has been implemented.  This function
  allows you to treewalk the file system directory structure and change
  certain things.  It is intended to help you when aborting out of a
  file operation leaves a file incorrectly closed or deleted, or just to
  examine the directory structure in a way independent of the pathname

* Some of the "user" functions, such as LM-CREATE-DIRECTORY, had their
  names changed.  This shouldn't affect anyone who only uses the
  standard pathname/stream interface.

For more information, see the updated documentation file