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Let's use them undefined keys up!

In zwei in Experimental System 218.157, Zmail 65.41, LMFS 28.38,
Tape 11.3, LGP 20.4, microcode 963, site configuration 27, JSMiller, on Lisp Machine Two:

I realize that the <Delete> key does not normally do anything anywhere,
but perhaps some reasonable things could be done with when in ZWEI or
in the rubout handler.   Its not immediately clear (to me) what the right
thing is, but delete wiping out the last character in ZWEI and the input
buffer in the rubout handler even thought that's not compatable.

Anyone want to put in there two bits as to what this key should do?

What do people think that the <Quote> key should do in general
and in ZWEI?  I think it would be nice if all the keys which 
aren't defined do something, as it seems that for most of them
there's a reasonable thing for them to do.  Saving them for
a "great idea later to come" isn't a valid argument, for if
a much better use for them to be used for them is found, 
then that will be used if its really so much better.

Ok, everybody start flaming, but not all at once.