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Let's use them undefined keys up!

    Date: Saturday, 27 November 1982  00:30-EST
    From: RG.JMTURN at MIT-MC
    To:   Howard D. Trachtman <Hdt at MIT-OZ>
    cc:   bug-lispm at MIT-OZ, BUG-zwei at MIT-EECS
    Re:   Let's use them undefined keys up!

    The quote key sounds like an excellent place to install control-q.
    As for DELETE, perhaps it could be made synonymous with rubout, for people
    used to the erase key being on the other side.


Great for ZWEI, but what should they do elsewhere?  It probably 
would be a win for quote in an input stream to insert the next 
character into the buffer, with all of its bucky bits.  That's
the same thing in zwei, except that it doesn't exactly do
a control-q.  

Now I suppose that Macro in ZWEI should do a ^X ( if you
are not typing in a kbd-macro and ^X ) if you are.
I suppose if you're in a macro already you could type
control-macro to recursively define a kbd-macro.