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Symbolics Release 4.0 now available.

The official Symbolics Release 4.0 band for the LM-2 (and CADR) is now
available, and should supplant the earlier versions distributed.  It has
been newly compressed, and takes less room than patched earlier
versions.  (19900 pages).  Also, it goes with microcode 979, which has
some bug fixes.

It consists of System 222.140, Zmail 74.28, LMFS 30.15, Hardcopy 11.12,
and Tape 13.0.  This configuration is displayed in the herald as simply
"Release 4.0".  Any systems which are patched beyond this level will
still be listed separately in the herald.  The comment on the disk
label is "Rel 4.0".

The final 4.0 version of the 3600 software is not yet available.

There is a copy on LM16, configured for MIT.