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SCRC|DM problem

Certain Release 5.0 beta-test worlds at MIT have been contaminated in such
a way that the host MIT-MC thinks it has the name SCRC|DM.  This was caused
by a mistaken patch to the namespace server that has since been fixed.  But
since this bogus name never actually existed, as far as the namespace system
knew, the incremental update mechanism does not remove it.  The problem
has long since been fixed in the namespace server, LM15, but some worlds
exist that contain this incorrect information.

To correct this, load the file OZ:<MOON>FIX-MC.  You can load this in
your init file if you habitually use a world load with this problem.
The file is harmless if loaded into a machine that does not have the

If the file types out that it removed the bogus name, you can eliminate
the problem entirely by re-disk-saving any contaminated world: cold boot
it, (si:login-to-sys-host), load this file into it, and disk-save.  I
recommend that you DO NOT do this without checking with the person
primarily responsible for the machine in question, since some machines
seem to have their disks set up in particular ways that are halfway between
release 4 and release 5, and this should not be disturbed.

Sorry about the inconvenience to everyone's mail through MC.  This is the
sort of nasty lurking bug that beta-test is designed to expose.