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new Symbolics world available for 3600 users

A more up-to-date version of the Symbolics Release 5 Beta Test world
is available for 3600 users (with a CADR version to follow shortly).
A new microcode (tmc5-mic 270) should be installed in conjuction with
the new world.  To install the new microcode and world load:

 o   Clear out 20000. pages of space in your FEP file system, by deleting
     obsolete world loads, old scratch files, and such...

 o   Get the new microcode with (si:install-microcode 270.) assuming that
     OZ is up and happy.

 o   Get the new world from Buddy or Janis or whomever else has a copy,
     with (si:receive-band "buddy" "grape") [substitutions for "buddy"
     are encouraged to spread the load off that machine].  If the band
     transfer process offers to checksum the transfer, don't turn it
     down!  The checksum only takes an extra couple of minutes.

 o   Adjust whatever boot file was being used for booting Release 5.

Reboot the new world, and enjoy.

This new world has the following improvements over previous Release 5 worlds:
 Hardcopying to the dover works again (finally!).
 Boot time is shorter (about 1 minute).
 Miscellaneous bug fixes [(si:print-patches 'system 266.) tells all].

As in the past, we ask that any worlds customized from this standard world
be saved with a significantly different name.  It's a help to us when
a bug report says "Apiary Grape", "Grape MEF", "Moby GripeX", etc. as opposed
to the standard "Moby Grape".

Bugs to BUG-BETA-TEST@OZ, as usual.  Thanks.

-- joseph