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5.0 Beta Rev7 available

I've just configured a CADR Rel 5.0 Beta test rev 7 band
configured for MIT. So far as I know, know other configured bands
of this system exist.
Copy it from :
Cadr-4, LOD4    or
Cadr-9, LOD3  .

Its hard to figure out exactly how many blocks it needs.
It currently fits in 34000.
There is a bug in si:describe-partition where, if the 
actual number of blocks exceeds 32000, a garbage answer is printed
due to an overflow bug.

si:describe-partition claims the valid size of this band is
exactly 32000, which is hard to believe both because
its such a convienient number, and because I would have guessed
its actual size to be between 28k & 30k blocks.