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New CLIM Mailing list

Since CLIM is about to become more widely available, and there are likely
to be a number of questions/ideas that a user community will be interested
in discussing, it seems appropriate to have a mailing list for CLIM users
(and developers).  I've discussed this with the folks at ILA, and we've
agreed to run this list as clim@bbn.com.

The purpose of the list is to be an open forum for CLIM users and
developers to discuss problems/features/ideas of the various CLIM
implementations out there.  The CLIM developers at ILA (and Symbolics,
Xerox, et al) will be encouraged/cajoled to read the list and respond as
appropriate. Hopefully, this will provide CLIM users with a supportive
community of users in which interaction can occur, ideas can develop, and
wheels won't be reinvented.  

To subscribe to this mailing list, send mail to:

To send mail to everyone on the list, send mail to:

Since the list is just starting up, you may want to hold off provocative
comments for a few days (unless you don't want anyone to read your