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Re: consing

	Date: 28 Jun 90 16:35:36 PDT (Thursday)
	From: Michael_Travers.EuroPARC@Xerox.COM

	Why don't you advise GC so that it keeps a running total of
	the number of flushed conses?  There is an advise package
	available from MIT, but it's easy enough to kludge it for
	single functions. 

I wasn't aware that GC returned any values, let alone the number of
flushed conses. Even if there were some internal gc function which
either receives this the number of flushed conses as an argument, or
returned it as a value (which from the looks of it, MACL doesn't), I
wouldn't advise it 'cause advising conses, so advising anything
related to GC is asking for trouble. Also, I want something that
doesn't cons. 

BTW, where at MIT is the advise package available? I checked athena
and rice-chex.ai, and didn't find it.