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a simple text window

Thank you all for your suggestions regarding making a simple read only text
window out of *fred-window*.  By the time I got the replys, I had something
working.  None the less, most of the suggestions had nifty twists.  The
simple word wrapping, is esp. neat.

I guess I think, however, that this is the wrong way to go about it (using
*fred-window*) though.  I'm going with it for now, but next release...
So I'll have a *te-view* in a couple of weeks should anyone be interested.

The only remaining external uglyness in the current version is the insertion
point.  I can't make it go away.  I can make it stop blinking... but not go
away.  Ideas?

Thanks again.

-btw, ccl::%buffer-insert-handle is called:

     (ccl::%buffer-insert-handle buffer handle)

...and I'll bet the keyword args are :start, :end, and so on
    (though the latter I haven't tested).

Blake Meike