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Re: what the @#***!!

blakem@world.std.com (Blake Meike) writes:

> Does anyone else out there, working with ACL, feel like a partical
> physicist?  Trying to deduce the internal structure of a group
> of objects by watching how they act under various conditions?
> Why, oh why, can we not have the source code (as we do with MacApp)
> for the damn *view*/*window*/*dialog* system?  Documentation
> will never be as trustworthy and complete as code.  The usefulness
> of the system would be hugely increased if trying to use it
> weren't an extended guessing game.

I think Blake has raised a good point and a valid question.  Maybe the
community voice should be heard on this issue.

Having lots of sample/reference code available has always been one of
the reasons why lisp machines have been very productive environments.
Customizability of the environment would be greatly increased,
especially when this stuff is implemented in CLOS (MACL 2.0)!

If there are concerns that the amount of code would be excessive for
many users, why not at least make the code available separately, in
disk only and paper only versions (again, like MacApp).

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