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Re: LISP crash

   Date: 29 Oct 90 10:32:16
   From: John Jachna <John_Jachna.MEDINF%yccatsmtp.ycc.yale.edu@RELAY.CS.NET>
   Subject: LISP crash
   To: info-macl@brazil.cambridge.apple.com
                          Subject:                                Time: 10:33 AM
     OFFICE MEMO          LISP crash                              Date: 10/25/90
   I'm having trouble with Macintosh Allegro C Lisp 1.3.2 crashing on an SE (4Mb
   The problem occurs when calling stack traps:
   ... (let ((main (ccl::stack-trap #xAA2A :ptr))             ; GetMainDevice
               (dev1 (ccl::stack-trap #xAA29 :ptr))             ; GetDeviceList
   This works OK on a Mac II, but on the SE yields ID=12, unimplemented core
   This happens in Finder & MF, with or without any INIT's, and with system
   6.0.4/0.5.  Application memory is set to 2500K in Get Info...
The GetMainDevice & GetDeviceList traps are "logically a part of Color
QuickDraw" (IM V p. V-118).  The Mac SE does not support Color
QuickDraw, hence the traps are not available.  Use SysEnvirons (or
Gestalt) to find out if Color Quickdraw is available before trying to
use it.