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LISP crash

                       Subject:                                Time: 10:33 AM
  OFFICE MEMO          LISP crash                              Date: 10/25/90
I'm having trouble with Macintosh Allegro C Lisp 1.3.2 crashing on an SE (4Mb
The problem occurs when calling stack traps:

... (let ((main (ccl::stack-trap #xAA2A :ptr))             ; GetMainDevice
            (dev1 (ccl::stack-trap #xAA29 :ptr))             ; GetDeviceList
This works OK on a Mac II, but on the SE yields ID=12, unimplemented core
This happens in Finder & MF, with or without any INIT's, and with system
6.0.4/0.5.  Application memory is set to 2500K in Get Info...