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I ftp'd this file from apple.com.  Note that the filename has been
truncated by the UNIX file system, which STILL can't handle file
names longer than X characters.  Since the filename has been truncated,
the "clues" as to the file's format have been truncated, too.  The
following attempts at decoding this file do not work

% tar tvf MacELK.26Oct90.hqx.
checksum error

% uncompress < MacELK.26Oct90.hqx.
file not in compress format

[on the Mac]
Stuffit cannot decode the file

Soooo, anyone have any ideas?  ELK, I presume, is Oliver Laumann's
Extension Language Toolkit, a customizable, embeddable, Scheme 
implementation, i.e. and industrial-strength "siod," and hence of
great interest to those of us who must occasionally program in C