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Re: MacELK.26Oct90.hqx.

I wasn't explicit enough in my question the first time around, as
pointed out to me by a friendly reader.  Here's a clarification: 

>     I ftp'd this file from apple.com.  Note that the filename has been
>     truncated by the UNIX file system, which STILL can't handle file
>     names longer than X characters.  Since the filename has been truncated,
>     the "clues" as to the file's format have been truncated, too.  The
>     following attempts at decoding this file do not work
>     % tar tvf MacELK.26Oct90.hqx.
>     checksum error
>     % uncompress < MacELK.26Oct90.hqx.
>     file not in compress format
>     [on the Mac]
>     Stuffit cannot decode the file
>     Soooo, anyone have any ideas?  ELK, I presume, is Oliver Laumann's
>     Extension Language Toolkit, a customizable, embeddable, Scheme
>     implementation, i.e. and industrial-strength "siod," and hence of
>     great interest to those of us who must occasionally program in C

Yes, hqx does refer to Binhex, but notice the "." right after the
"hqx".  There was some additional encoding done to this file, and the
"clues" have been truncated off the filename.  Often, you'll see
"foo.sit.hqx.tar.Z", and that means, zcat then tar then unBinhex then
unStuffit.  Well, I have "foo.hqx."????.  The "decode binhex" command
of Stuffit reports that the file is incomprehensible as a binhex
file, so something else was done to it, and that something probably
left a clue as to its identity after the dot after the "hqx".  But
all that has been truncated :-(