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CLIM-like interface

    Date: Fri, 15 Mar 91 08:30:46 CST
    From: kahn@informatics.WUstl.EDU (Michael Kahn)

    Does anybody know of a company that is marketing MACL 2.0 code that
    provides a binding between CLIM and the Mac toolkit?  I have only very
    meager hints that such a beast exists -- in an off-hand conversation
    to somebody else (ie, three levels of indirection....), I have a
    company named ILA in Cambridge (no indication if that's England or

    Can anyone fill in the missing details?

    Michael Kahn

International Lisp Associates
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Cambridge, MA 02138
617 - 576 - 1151
Contact: Dennis Doughty - Doughty@ILA.com


International Lisp Associates
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