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I recently sent a note to the clim mailing list at clim@bbn.com
about the availability of CLIM and about compatibility between
vendors/version currently and in the near future.

I know the least about what is going on with respect to clim 
for the Mac.  Does anyone on this list know what is going on?

CLIM is the Common Lisp Interface Manager system which holds out
hope for having a standardized Lisp-level set of capabilities
for building interactive systems (windows, menus, and especially
"presentations" which tie on-screen entities to underlying objects).
You would be able to write CLIM code and compile it and run it
on any of a number of platforms and CL implementations.  We 
develop on Symoblics machines for the most part but have great
interest in porting to Macs and Suns.


bob futrelle

   Prof. Robert P. Futrelle
   Biological Knowledge Laboratory
   College of Computer Science  161CN
   Northeastern University
   360 Huntington Ave.
   Boston, MA 02115

   Internet: futrelle@corwin.ccs.northeastern.edu