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Re: MACL 1.3.2 and system 7

    Date: Sun, 2 Jun 91 19:30:34 EDT
    From: Mark.Perlin@CAD.CS.CMU.EDU
    We have many disparate graphical applications running in MACL 1.3.2, all of
    which make extensive use of Object LISP.  Further, we find the language and
    environment suitably hospitable that our programming time for an initial
    graphical interface is less than one day.  (We have heard reports that MACL
    2.0 is far less programmer friendly.) 
I'm not sure how this rumor arose, but I think it's entirely untrue.
Most of the environment is roughly similar or improved in 2.0.  CLOS
is somewhat more verbose than ObjectLisp, but generally easier to work
with.  Once you get used to CLOS, I doubt you will find the
environment any less friendly.  Besides, there are significant
improvements in important areas, such as the stack backtrace window,
which now supports manually returning values and restarting frames.