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RECNEWS: mailing lists to news

For what it's worth, I thought I'd pass on how we feed mailing list
email into our news system.  Because of this system, we get the
timeliness of mailing lists with the convenience of newsgroup reading
(and without the inconvenience of flooding local mail boxes).  

I don't know what machines it's available for, but we use the
'recnews' program (in /usr/lib/news) on our Ultrix VAX to have mail
from a mailing list put into a local newsgroup set up just for the

So, we have info-macl mail sent to an address here.  Upon receipt, the
mail is added (via the recnews program) as an article to the
bcsaic.mail-list.macl newsgroup (bcsaic is the nodename of our VAX).

Also, the "articles" will tend to appear in the order they were
received at cambridge.apple.com.  That's much more preferrable than
"real" newsgroups in which articles often appear out of sequence.

I have found this method to be a very convenient way to read mailing
list messages.

Stephen L Nicoud  <snicoud@boeing.com>  uw-beaver!bcsaic!snicoud
Boeing Computer Services Research and Technology, Computer Science
Bellevue, Washington  USA
"I ask unananimous consent to revise and extend my remarks."