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RECNEWS: mailing lists to news

BTW, Here's the man page for 'recnews':

     recnews - receive unprocessed articles via mail

     /usr/lib/news/recnews [ newsgroup [ sender ] ]

     Recnews reads a letter from the standard input; determines
     the article title, sender, and newsgroup; and gives the body
     to inews with the right arguments for insertion.

     If newsgroup is omitted, the To: line of the letter will be
     used.  If sender is omitted, the sender will be determined
     from the From line of the letter.  The title is determined
     from the Subject line.

     checknews(1), inews(8), postnews(1), readnews(1), vnews(1),
     news(5), sendnews(8), uurec(8)

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