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Re: MacApp with Mac CL

> Date: 28 Aug 91 08:20:00 GMT
> From: Ranson <ranson@lannion.cnet.fr>
> FF-LOAD does not support loading code with global variables, does it? C++ needs
> global variables for its virtual tables.

I load C++ code with FF-LOAD.  The real problem is something else, probably
MPW was set to generate a newer version of object file than MCL knows about.

> You would have to create a A5-world yourself,
> find the special segment generated by MPW to initialize it, and handle the
> switches between this and MCL's A5-world.

I'm not an expert on FF-LOAD, but I believe it takes care of all these things.

I am not claiming that MacApp and MCL can coexist; but if there are problems
I don't think FF-LOAD is the problem.

> .... you can build very responsive applications with
> MCL, and it will be easier than with MacApp. You might consider a MCL engine
> with a MacApp front-end, but I don't think it will be better than a MCL-only
> design.

That's what I would have said too.  The original question involved existing code
that was already in MacApp; in this situation the suggestion for communicating
by Apple Events might be the best approach, if that's what they want to do.