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Re: scrolling static text

In <1991Sep6.153708.28511@midway.uchicago.edu> mcdougal@cs.uchicago.edu (Tom McDougal) writes:

>I need a scrolling static text dialog item containing
>formatted text.  By "formatted" I mean indented a-la
>pretty-printing; I would also like to display some of 
>the text in bold and some of it plain, but can give 
>that up.  Finally, I would prefer that text *not* wrap 
>to fit (I want to supply a horizontal scroll bar).

I would suggest defining a specialization of
scrolling-fred-dialog-item (available in CCL;Library) and 
defining a view-key-event-handler method to do nothing, or to beep:

(require :scrolling-fred-dialog-item)

(defclass read-only-scrolling-fred-dialog-item

(defmethod view-key-event-handler ((self read-only-scrolling-fred-dialog-item)
   (declare (ignore keystroke))

Christopher Owens
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The University of Chicago                      Chicago, IL 60637
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